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(14th  Installation of the Canonization of St. Pius X at Catholic Pictures)

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The Blood of the new and eternal covenant especially deserves this worship of latria when it is elevated during the sacrifice of the Mass. But such worship achieves its normal fulfilment in sacramental communion with the same Blood, indissolubly united with Christ’s eucharistic Body. In intimate association with the celebrant the faithful can then truly make his sentiments at communion their own: “I will take the chalice of salvation and call upon the name of the Lord. . . The Blood of our Lord Jesus Christ preserve my soul for everlasting life. Amen.” Thus as often as they come worthily to this holy table they will receive more abundant fruits of the redemption and resurrection and eternal life won for all men by the Blood Christ shed “through the Holy Spirit.” Nourished by his Body and Blood, sharing the divine strength that has sustained count less martyrs, they will stand up to the slings and arrows of each day’s fortunes — even if need be to martyrdom itself for the sake of Christian virtue and the kingdom of God (Bl John XXIII: THE MOST PRECIOUS BLOOD )

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Oh Ye Anglicans…

(13th Installation of the Canonization of St. Pius X at Catholic Pictures)

What are you waiting for?! Get on the boat. Cross the Tiber.

At least one Church of England bishop will defect to Rome soon after the Lambeth Conference, I gather from Anglo-Catholic sources. And there could be more to follow.

I can’t tell you much more than that at the moment, because the negotiations with Rome are so sensitive – and the Catholic Bishops of England and Wales, who distrust Anglican traditionalists, are quite capable of throwing a spanner in the works. (Holy Smoke Blog)

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If there be therefore any consolation in Christ, if any comfort of charity, if any society of the spirit, if any bowels of commiseration: Fulfill ye my joy, that you may be of one mind, having the same charity, being of one accord, agreeing in sentiment.  (Phil 2:1) 
St. Paul, pray for us, and the end of all contention and rifts in the Church, that we may be of one mind in humility.

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In an interview published in the Wednesday edition of L’Osservatore Romano, Pope Benedict’s new Master of Pontifical Liturgical Celebrations, Monsignor Guido Marini, says he believes that people receiving Communion kneeling and on the tongue will become common practice at the Vatican.

Msgr. Marini’s comments were made during an interview with Gianluca Biccini on some of Pope Benedict XVI’s recent liturgical decisions and their meaning.

Biccini noted in the exchange that Pope Benedict distributed Holy Communion to people who knelt and received the host on their tongues during his visit to Brindisi (Southern Italy) last week. 

When he was asked if this would become a common practice Marini responded, “I believe so.”  (Article)

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Members of St. Barnabas Parish in Mazomanie say they are stunned to learn that the priests leading their Catholic community will no longer allow their daughters to be servers at Mass. From now on, only boys will be able to assist priests in the ancient religious rite.

The new policy was announced at a meeting with parents Tuesday by Rev. John Del Priore, who was assigned to the parish on June 1.

“It’s an outrage,” said Tammy Parks. “They said it was a good way for boys to be indoctrinated into being a priest.”  After letting her 11-year-old daughter know that she would no longer be allowed on the altar, Del Priore asked her 8-year-old son about his interest in becoming an altar boy, Parks said in an interview.

“Not only is the priest discriminating against my daughter, he’s teaching my son that that is appropriate behavior,” she said.  Parents at St. Barnabas are so distressed that there is talk of having the boys boycott altar duty.

The Catholic Church broke with centuries of tradition in 1994, when the Vatican said girls would be allowed to join “altar boys” in assisting priests at Mass. (Read about the “outrage”)

You can send a note of encouragement to the Pastor of the Parish here.

Get ready for more of this stuff over the next 20-30 years. Sweeping “feminism” out of the sanctuary. Another part of  “New Evangelization” which has forced Catholics to argue ad nauseam over the basic rudiments, and traditions of the Faith all over again. Arguing over things which never should have been in the first place. It’s like repeatedly teaching a 25 year old how to tie his shoes. Wasted time. 27 years of novelty, confusion and destruction.

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Working it out

(12 Installation of the Canonization of St. Pius X at Catholic Pictures)

Conference call:

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“Hey, you guys work it out down there, you hear?”

B16: “I’m trying Lord, I’m trying”

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Seriously though, when are the SSPX ever going to get a deal like this again? The only real condition asked of them is that they do not publicly disrespect the Roman Pontiff (duh!). How much longer can folks stay out of full union with Rome before real problems start to rear their ugly heads? (example:  20 years from now a charming, charismatic bishop takes the place of Fellay, and he just happens to be a complete loon bag heretic, who removes him?). And honestly, do they really think the Church is going to say Vatican II was a mistake? What are the SSPX expecting?, that some future Pope is going to say: “Oops! My Bad!, forget that whole Ecumenical Council!” It’s never going to happen.

However, the teaching (per Benedict and his Hermeneutic of Continuity deal) will be to “see the Council through the lens of Tradition”, and slowly, but surely chip away at some of the nonsense people pass off as being “according to Vatican II”. They must see what he’s doing, right? The “progressives” seem to be more aware then alot of “trads”, as least  they see the writing on the wall.

I have read the new Biography of Archbishop Lefevbre published a few years ago, and he did not seem like the hard-liner folks assume him to have been. I think he would have jumped at this deal. Think of all the good that can come from it: another 300 + priests who say the Traditional Roman Liturgy, and who adhere to the Vigor of the perennial Church fully re-entering the blood stream of the contemporary Church. Either way, we should all pray that God’s will be done.

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(11th Installation of the Canonization of St. Pius X at Catholic Pictures)

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That which seems to Us not only the greatest evil but the root of all evil is this: often the lie is substituted for the truth, and is then used as an instrument of dispute. On the part of not a few religion is passed by as a thing of no importance, and elsewhere absolutely prohibited in family and social life as a remnant of ancient superstitions; public and private atheism is exalted in such a way that God and His law are being abolished, and morals no longer have any foundation. The Press also too often vulgarly reviles religious feeling, while it does not hesitate to spread the most shameful obscenities, agitating and with incalculable harm leading into vice tender childhood and betrayed youth.

By means of false promises a people is deceived and provoked to hatred, rivalry and rebellion, especially when the hereditary faith, the only relief in this earthly exile, is successfully torn from its heart. Disturbances, riots and revolts are organized and fomented in continuing series, which prepare for the ruin of the economy and cause irreparable harm to the common good. (Pope Pius XII: Combating Atheism)

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