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Catholics in the NYC area

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On February 2, there will be a (traditional) Solemn Mass at Our Lady of Good Counsel. The church is located at 230 East 90th Street, between 2nd & 3rd Ave’s.

The traditional blessing of candles will start at 1pm and it will be followed by a procession inside the church. Then follows the Solemn Mass.

Fr. Richard Trezza will be the Celebrant, Fr. Matthew Talarico will be the Deacon and Fr. James Miara will be the Subdeacon.

All are invited and encouraged to attend.

Please, share this information with people who might be intested in attending this Mass.

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The Clergy Conference of the Assyrian Catholic Apostolic Diocese (ACAD) met in Dublin, California, to discuss the current situation and consider future plans for reestablishing communion with other Christians, in order to end their ecclesial isolation.

After praying to the Father and reflecting on the Scriptures and Tradition, the attendees unanimously adopted a “Declaration of Intention” in which they state their resolution “to enter full communion with the Catholic Church” and “to resume church unity with the Chaldean Catholic Church.”  As a result, they foresee that this declaration will initiate a process of negotiation with respective Church authorities to define a concrete model of this union, in which the particularity of our apostolic tradition is preserved. (Read the Rest)

I have always fully supported Ecumenism with Ancient, Apostolic Churches. (Orthodox, Coptic, Ethiopian, etc…). Reunion is a good thing to be prayed for.

Recently on Staten Island the Coptic Orthodox purchased an old Masonic Hall right down the road from my house, and made a truly nice new Church. The Egyptian Christians I have met have been wonderful, devout people. Some of the women have  tattoos of crosses on their wrists, which seems kind of nervy in a Muslim dominated country.

Pictures of Coptic Liturgy:

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Anba Sarabamoun celebrating the Divine Liturgy in Saint Bishoy Monastery. (Tip to Nader)
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The Roman Catechism adds this: “At what age children are to receive the Holy Mysteries no one can better judge than their father and the priest who is their confessor. For it is their duty to ascertain by questioning the children whether they have any understanding of this admirable Sacrament and if they have any desire for it.”

From all this it is clear that the age of discretion for receiving Holy Communion is that at which the child knows the difference between the Eucharistic Bread and ordinary, material bread, and can therefore approach the altar with proper devotion. Perfect knowledge of the things of faith, therefore, is not required, for an elementary knowledge suffices-some knowledge (aliqua cognitio); similarly full use of reason is not required, for a certain beginning of the use of reason, that is, some use of reason (aliqualis usus rationis) suffices.

To postpone Communion, therefore, until later and to insist on a more mature age for its reception must be absolutely discouraged, and indeed such practice was condemned more than once by the Holy See. (St.Pius X, Quam Singulari)

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By Jose Gallegos y Arnosa

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First Communion attended by Konrad Adenauer

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(Jules Breton, 1st Communion)

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Artistic Miscellany II

Artistic Miscellany II…….. (See first Artistic Miscellany)

AllegoryofRedemptionbyWolfHuber.jpg picture by kjk76_93

Allegory of Redemption by Wolf Huber

SatanWatchingtheSleepofChristbyNoel.jpg picture by kjk76_93

Satan Watching the Sleep of Christ

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Angels Came and Ministered unto Him by James Tissot

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Allegory of the Concordat between Church and France

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Pope Nicholas V in the Grotto of Saint Francis

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Paul III with St. Ignatius

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Emperor Theodosiusis Forbidden entry into church by Saint Ambrose

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Peter Walks on Water by Philipp Otto Runge

CorpusChristiProcessioninSevillebyM.jpg picture by kjk76_94

Corpus Christi Procession in Seville

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Saint-Michelde Frigolet Abbey

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Procession in Hofgastein by Adolph Menzel

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Pressed on to Our intent by Charity, that hastens fastest there where the need is greatest, We direct Our first thoughts to those most unfortunate of all nations who have never received the light of the Gospel, or who, after having possessed it, have lost it through neglect or the vicissitudes of time:  Hence do they ignore God, and live in the depths of error.  Now, as all salvation comes from Jesus Christ–for there is no other Name under Heaven given to men whereby we must be saved–Our ardent desire is that the most Holy Name of Jesus should rapidly pervade and fill every land. (Leo XIII, The Reunion of Christendom)

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Fancy Religion

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Hilary’s campaign advisers, (and you thought witches weren’t real!).

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