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Hello Folks, just letting you know this blog will be on Hiatus from now until Christmas. I wish you all a blessed and properly spent Advent. I will pray for all who visit here, as I hope you will be kind enough to pray for me. Just to give you an update on the health issues I asked for prayers for a few months ago , they seem to have mostly subsided. It appears to be a inflamed tooth, or jaw issue, and I believe things are getting better (Subjective Advise from “Dr. Ken”: Never get an Apico!).  I sincerely thank all who prayed for me. It seems God just thought I needed to be humbled, have my Faith tested, and gain a healthier Charity/Sympathy/Empathy for people who are suffering. I believe He has accomplished His goal, as I hope I will never ignore sick/suffering people. Again, have a Good Advent, and I will see you again in Christmastide!

A few thing to keep you amused/edified ’til I come back:

Truly wonderful concert from Westminster Cathedral, gorgeous!

A movie about the Real St. Nicholas (no really, the Matryed Bishop in Asia Minor)

To look at nifty pics in my abscence , go to Carolina Cannonball, who seems to have quietly slipped into into an imago-phile blog (The best kind of blog IMHO!)

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schuste4.jpg picture by kjk76_95

Ildefonso Schuster was born on January 18, 1880 in Rome, Italy. Schuster was created cardinal-priest by Pope Pius XI on July 15, 1929, receiving the title of Ss. Silvestro e Martino ai Monti on July 18, 1929. He was consecrated on July 21, 1929 in the Sistine Chapel by Pius XI personally. Schuster died on August 30, 1954. Cardinal Angelo Giuseppe Roncalli (future Pope John XXIII) celebrated his funeral.The diocesan process of his cause for sainthood was opened  by archbishop Giovanni Battista Montini (future Pope Paul VI). His tomb was opened and his body found to be intact on January 28, 1985. Schuster was beatified on May 12, 1996 by Pope John Paul II. (Wiki Post on the Cardinal)

schuste6.jpg picture by kjk76_95

ilcardinaleSchuster7.jpg picture by kjk76_95

ilcardinaleSchuster5.jpg picture by kjk76_95

schuste5.jpg picture by kjk76_95

1940_037.jpg picture by kjk76_95

ilcardinaleSchuster2.jpg picture by kjk76_95

schuste1.jpg picture by kjk76_95

ilcardinaleSchuster3.jpg picture by kjk76_95

1940_032.jpg picture by kjk76_95

S.Fortunato2.jpg picture by kjk76_93

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De Jure/De Facto

De Jure:
It is, therefore, permissible to celebrate the Sacrifice of the Mass following the typical edition of the Roman Missal promulgated by Blessed John XXIII in 1962 and never abrogated. Catholic priests may use the Roman Missal published by Blessed Pope John XXIII in 1962….For such celebrations, the priest has no need for permission from the Apostolic See or from his ordinary. (Summorum Pontificum)

MgrThomasvquedeVersaillesfaitchasse.jpg picture by kjk76_95

De Facto:
Italian bishop suspends priests for insisting on Latin Mass: Bishop Renato Corti of Novara, Italy, has suspended 3 priests who refused to celebrate Mass on Sunday, according to the newspaper La Stampa. (WDTPRS post)

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Just interesting things

Just an interesting Holy Card of Pius XII showing him leading the sheep away from dangers (check out the wolves in sheeps clothing).

12shee.jpg picture by kjk76_95

943d_1.jpg picture by kjk76_95

Also: notice the Throne:

thono.jpg picture by kjk76_95

23new.jpg picture by kjk76_95

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Last time on the Sedia Gestatoria…

3286331.jpg picture by kjk76_95

And the closest since….They pushed JPII around on a platform during his visit to Mexico…

Guadalupe79.jpg picture by kjk76_95

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Fostering Vocations

Fostering Vocations

15.jpg picture by kjk76_95

Arcivescovo20alla20inagurazione20de.jpg picture by kjk76_95

inaugurazione_8.jpg picture by kjk76_95

inaugurazione_3.jpg picture by kjk76_95

GroupofYoungClergymen.jpg picture by kjk76_94

Guaranteeing “vocation shortages” for the next 30 years:

not.jpg picture by kjk76_95

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What Next? The Camelaucum?

Could he? Would he? If not the Tiara, why not it’s predecessor? Why not? He did bring back the older style Pallium. The Camelaucum: The pontifical mitre is of Roman origin: it is derived from a non-liturgical head-covering distinctive of the pope, the camelaucum, to which also the tiara is to be traced. The camelaucum was worn as early as the beginning of the eighth century, as is shown by tho biography of Pope Constantine I (708- 815) in the “Liber Pontificalis”. The same headcovering is also mentioned in the so-called “Donation of Constantine”. The Ninth Ordo states that the camelaucum was made of white stuff and shaped like a helmet. The coins of Sergius III (904-11) and of Benedict VII (974-83), on which St. Peter is portrayed wearing a camelaucum, give the cap the form of a cone, the original shape of the mitre.

04_01_Papst12JH.jpg picture by kjk76_95

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From this:

untitled.jpg picture by kjk76_93

To this:

mitreee.jpg picture by kjk76_95

papaben.jpg picture by kjk76_95

bened.jpg picture by kjk76_95

nbnb.jpg picture by kjk76_95

benn.jpg picture by kjk76_95

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 johnxxiii.jpg picture by kjk76_95

23q.jpg picture by kjk76_91

Don’t let them get away with it! What? “Liberals” claiming Bl. John the XXIII as “their” Pope. Nonsense! They never had a Pope, even the worst. Past posts on John XXIII:  (1) (2) (3)

zzz1.jpg picture by kjk76_95

PopeJohnXXIII.jpg picture by kjk76_95

BeingCarriedin.jpg picture by kjk76_95

zzzx.jpg picture by kjk76_95

zzzxx.jpg picture by kjk76_95

knights04.jpg picture by kjk76_95

PopeatPrayer.jpg picture by kjk76_95

22b.jpg picture by kjk76_91

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Happy Thanksgiving

From My Family…

gaurds.jpg picture by kjk76_94

….To Yours: Happy Thanksgiving!

family.jpg family picture by kjk76_93

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The Train? of Peter

The Barque……….

pionono2-1.jpg picture by kjk76_94

……..Train of Peter?

p9a.jpg picture by kjk76_94

Pio Nono on Papal Train

pionon.jpg picture by kjk76_95

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For Carolina Cannonball

 ..and others who have been asking for some things “Eastern”.

CoronationCeremonyoftheEmperorNicho.jpg picture by kjk76_94

WeddingCeremonyofEmperorNicholasIIa.jpg picture by kjk76_94

(Source)  (Source2)

RomanianOrthodoxConvent.jpg picture by kjk76_94

PaintingFrescosinChurchJerusalem.jpg picture by kjk76_94

BlessedVirginMonastery.jpg picture by kjk76_94

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Breathes of the Redemption

The communion in Christ has nothing of the self-assertion found in natural communities. It breathes of the Redemption. It liberates men from all self-centeredness. Yet such a communion emphatically does not depersonalize the individual; far from dissolving the person into the cosmic, pantheistic swoon so often commended to us these days, it actualizes the person’s true self in a unique way. In the community of Christ the conflict between person and community that is present in all natural communities cannot exist. So this sacred community experience is really at war with the depersonalizing ‘we-experience” found in mass assemblies and popular gatherings which tend to absorb and evaporate the individual. This communion in Christ that was so fully alive in the early Christian centuries, that all the saints entered into, that found a matchless expression in the liturgy now under attack-this communion has never regarded the individual person as a mere segment of the community, or as an instrument to serve it. (Dietrich Von Hildebrand: The Case for the Latin Mass)

1ajpg.jpg picture by kjk76_94

Mass of St. Gregory the Great

SUMMORUMPONTIFICUM.jpg picture by kjk76_94

MassintheChurchoftheNativity1955.jpg picture by kjk76_94

Mass in the Church of the Nativity (1955)

SaintJohnsCathedralinVallettaMalta.jpg picture by kjk76_94

Saint Johns Cathedral in Valletta Malta

8301956-CologneGermany-.jpg picture by kjk76_94

Cologne Germany (1950’s)

BishopandPriestsCelebratingPontific.jpg picture by kjk76_94

Bishop at Pontifical Vespers

SistersofMercyChoir.jpg picture by kjk76_94


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Thank you

Hello Folks, just like to say Thank you to all who have visited this blog, as I have just passed 100,000 views on the WordPress blog (Since March). This makes about 217,000 in the last year between the old Blog-city version, and the new one.  Not bad for a blog that deals mostly in pictures, heh! Thanks!

Blog City Stats:

blogcity.jpg picture by kjk76_95

WordPress Stats:

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Pius XI: Catholic Missions

Since Jesus Christ has proclaimed that the special sign of discipleship with Him is that we “have love one for another” (John xiii, 35; xv, 12) can we give a mark of greater love for our neighbors than to assist them in putting behind themselves the darkness of error by instructing them in the true faith of Christ? As a matter of fact, this type of charity surpasses all other kinds of good works inspired by love just as the mind surpasses the body, heaven surpasses earth, eternity surpasses time. Every one that acts thus, inspired by love and according to the full measure of his ability, demonstrates that he esteems the gift of faith in the manner that one should esteem it. (Pius XI: Rerum Ecclesiae)

vii.jpg picture by kjk76_95

p11a.jpg picture by kjk76_94

212I.jpg picture by kjk76_95

111I.jpg picture by kjk76_95

11I.jpg picture by kjk76_95

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Did you know? That JPII was given a Papal Tiara by the Hungarians in 1981? Kind of a mix between the older ones, and Paul VI’s. Too bad he didn’t wear it! (Big hat tip to Trad Cath83). Also: More did you know?

tiaragp2.jpg picture by kjk76_95

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The “Before Time”

paulv1.jpg picture by kjk76_95

51512.jpg picture by kjk76_95

consecrationceremonyforArchbishopGi.jpg picture by kjk76_95

 ArchbishopGiovanniBMontini.jpg picture by kjk76_95

ArchbishopGiovanniBMontini2.jpg picture by kjk76_95

(3 above are Episcopal Consecration of Msgr. Montini (Paul VI))

1960PopeJohnXXIIrevI.jpg picture by kjk76_95

JohnXXIIIseatedonthrone-1.jpg picture by kjk76_95

(2 above I believe are the opening of Vat2)

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The next Canonized Pope

91.jpg picture by kjk76_95

Petition to His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI for the Beatification of Pope Pius XII (Go sign it!)

5.jpg picture by kjk76_95

2.jpg picture by kjk76_95

1.jpg picture by kjk76_95

6.jpg picture by kjk76_95

7.jpg picture by kjk76_95

8.jpg picture by kjk76_95

3.jpg picture by kjk76_95

4.jpg picture by kjk76_95

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Original Sin

Hence, likewise, they refuse to believe that in infants original sin is remitted through baptism, for they contend that no such original sin exists at all in people by their birth. But if the apostle had wished to assert that sin entered into the world, not by natural descent, but by imitation, he would have mentioned as the first offender, not Adam indeed, but the devil, of whom it is written, 1 John 3:8 that “he from the beginning;” of whom also we read in the Book of Wisdom: “Nevertheless through the devil’s envy death entered into the world.” Wisdom 2:24 Now, forasmuch as this death came upon men from the devil, not because they were propagated by him, but because they imitated his example, it is immediately added: “And they that do hold of his side do imitate him.” Wisdom 2:25 Accordingly, the apostle, when mentioning sin and death together, which had passed by natural descent from one upon all men, set him down as the introducer thereof from whom the propagation of the human race took its beginning. (St. Augustine, Baptism of Infants)

ExQueenEnaVictoriaEugenieof.jpg picture by kjk76_94

 (Victoria Eugenie) of Spain holds the infant Prince Felipe at his baptism

ngJuanCarllsinthechapeloftheKnig-1.jpg picture by kjk76_94

Baptism of King Juan Carlos in the chapel of the Knights of Malta in 1938. (Yes, that is Cardinal Pacelli)

(Video of Baptism of Prince Philippe of Belgium in 1960)

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7 Times a day

I will rejoice at thy words, as one that hath found great spoil. I have hated and abhorred iniquity; but I have loved thy law. Seven times a day I have given praise to thee, for the judgments of thy justice.Much peace have they that love thy law, and to them there is no stumbling block.  (Psalm 118)

ProcessionofCistercianMonks.jpg picture by kjk76_94

nbvcnbc.jpg picture by kjk76_94

CapuchinMonkinAmalfi.jpg picture by kjk76_94

Capuchin in Amalfi

FriarsoftheAtonementatGraymoor.jpg picture by kjk76_94

Friars of the Atonement at Graymoor

miss.jpg picture by kjk76_94

MonasteryofCamaldoli.jpg picture by kjk76_94

CamaldoliMonkReceivesFood.jpg picture by kjk76_94

 2 above from Camadoli Monastery

CistercianmonkoftheStHonoretMonaste.jpg picture by kjk76_94

Cistercian monk St. Honoret Monastery

TrappistMonksofSolignyAbbey.jpg picture by kjk76_94

Trappist Monks Soligny Abbey

InsidetheGottweigMonastery.jpg picture by kjk76_94

Gottweig Monastery

abbeyinHauterives.jpg picture by kjk76_94

Hauterives Abbey

Chartreuse making

MonkwithAmphitonary.jpg picture by kjk76_94

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To Ascend By Steps

Blessed is the man whose help is from thee: in his heart he hath disposed to ascend by steps, In the vale of tears, in the place which be hath set. (Psalm 82)

AdjoiningtheBasilicaofStJohnsintheL.jpg picture by kjk76_94

(The Scala Sancta, St. John Lateran)

dvv-1.jpg picture by kjk76_94

scalem.jpg picture by kjk76_94

AGWF-RomHlStiegeMfLitho.jpg picture by kjk76_94

800px-Inschrift_lateranbasilika-1.jpg picture by kjk76_94

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V. Let us pray for our most blessed Pope Benedict XVI.

R. The Lord preserve him and keep him alive, that he may be blessed upon earth ; and deliver not thou him into the will of his enemies.

watchout.jpg picture by kjk76_94

ben4.jpg picture by kjk76_94

(Past Post on the Holy Father’s choice of vestments)

Moving the altar cross to the side to give an uninterrupted view of the priest is something I regard as one of the truly absurd phenomena of recent decades. Is the cross disruptive during Mass? Is the priest more important than Our Lord?

This mistake should be corrected as quickly as possible; it can be done without further rebuilding. The Lord is the point of reference. He is the rising sun of history. (Rorate Caeli)

ben9-1.jpg picture by kjk76_94

ben8-1.jpg picture by kjk76_94

ben10-1.jpg picture by kjk76_94

bene7-1.jpg picture by kjk76_94

ben5.jpg picture by kjk76_94

(Source: Cafeteria Closed)

Guy who made the Mosaics in Basilica San Paolo fuori le Mura

mosi.jpg picture by kjk76_94

mosa2.jpg picture by kjk76_94

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p12a.jpg picture by kjk76_94

Pius XII invited the author to finish his story. He listened intently then said: “You have done well to come to me and tell me this. I have heard about it before. Come back tomorrow with a written report and give it to the Secretary of State who is dealing with the question. But now for you, my son. You are a young Jew. I know what that means and I hope you will always be proud to be a Jew!”

Pius then raised his voice so that everyone in the hall – including the German soldiers – could hear it and said (in a “pleasant voice”): “My son, whether you are worthier than others only the Lord knows, but believe me, you are at least as worthy as every other human being that lives on our earth! And now, my Jewish friend, go with the protection of the Lord, and never forget, you must always be proud to be a Jew!” (from WDTPRS) (Semite quote)

p12.jpg picture by kjk76_94

p12b.jpg picture by kjk76_94

p12c.jpg picture by kjk76_94

ursuline.jpg picture by kjk76_94

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And Jesus knowing their thoughts, said to them: Every kingdom divided against itself shall be made desolate: and every city or house divided against itself shall not stand. (Matt 12: 25)

revcommie.jpg picture by kjk76_94

Communist HQ in Italy

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1946 Consistory

1946 Consistory:  Video: 1946 Consistory  (video courtesy of Trad Catholicism)

ElevationOfNewCardinals.jpg picture by kjk76_94

PrepareCardinalsRobes.jpg picture by kjk76_94

RobesForTheNewCardinals.jpg picture by kjk76_94

ceremonyRomeItalyFebruary211946.jpg picture by kjk76_94

PeterRomeItaly1946.jpg picture by kjk76_94

Twenty-ninenewly-investedcardinals.jpg picture by kjk76_94

February211946.jpg picture by kjk76_94

CardinalJohnGlennon.jpg picture by kjk76_94

PopePiusXIIiscarried.jpg picture by kjk76_94

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Feast of Holy Relics

Few points of faith can be more satisfactorily traced back to the earliest ages of Christianity than the veneration of relics. The classical instance is to be found in the letter written by the inhabitants of Smyrna, about 156, describing the death of St. Polycarp. After he had been burnt at the stake, we are told that his faithful disciples wished to carry off his remains, but the Jews urged the Roman officer to refuse his consent for fear that the Christians “would only abandon the Crucified One and begin to worship this man”. Eventually, however, as the Smyrnaeans say, “we took up his bones, which are more valuable than precious stones and finer than refined gold, and laid them in a suitable place, where the Lord will permit us to gather ourselves together, as we are able, in gladness and joy, and to celebrate the birthday of his martyrdom.” (New Advent Article)

TheDiscoveryoftheBodiesofStGervasea.jpg picture by kjk76_94

The Discovery of the Bodies of St. Gervase and St. Protase


Holy Blood in Bruge

SaintThereseArriveinBaghdad.jpg picture by kjk76_94

St. Therese in Baghdad

THERESAOFLISIEUXINTHEUSA.jpg picture by kjk76_94

St. Therese in USA

atholicRelics.jpg picture by kjk76_94

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Staten Island Latin Mass

6933_3.jpg picture by kjk76_94

Hello All, there will be a TLM offered this Sunday, Nov 4 2007 at 3:15 PM at Sacred Heart on Staten Island. Fr Miara will be celebrant at this High Mass. If you are in the NYC area, please come by and show some support. Maybe if enough people show up, they will get the message that this could be every week. We had one last year offered at this parish which was packed, and the folks were very ethusiastic, but no word since. The Good Folks at the Latin Liturgy Assocation have been trying to get it up and running.

65cc_3.jpg picture by kjk76_94

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May everlasting light shine upon them, O Lord, with thy saints in eternity, for thou art merciful. Grant them eternal rest, O Lord, and may everlasting light shine upon them.

And making a gathering, he sent twelve thousand drachms of silver to Jerusalem for sacrifice to be offered for the sins of the dead, thinking well and religiously concerning the resurrection, (For if he had not hoped that they that were slain should rise again, it would have seemed superfluous and vain to pray for the dead,) And because he considered that they who had fallen asleep with godliness, had great grace laid up for them. It is therefore a holy and wholesome thought to pray for the dead, that they may be loosed from sins. (Machabees 12:43)

FuneralofPopePiusX-1.jpg picture by kjk76_94

StMalachyschurch.jpg picture by kjk76_94

SacredHeartofJesus-1.jpg picture by kjk76_94

CardinalGriffin.jpg picture by kjk76_94

Cardinal Griffin’s Funeral


Church Service in Bolivia (Skulls of Relatives) 

LiesinState1958.jpg picture by kjk76_94

Pius XII lying in State

LuckyLucianosCoffinwithHolyWater-1.jpg picture by kjk76_94

Lucky Luciano’s Requiem

TrappistMonastery.jpg picture by kjk76_94

Cemetery in Trappist Monastery

CardinalPierreVeuillotsWake.jpg picture by kjk76_93

Cardinal Pierre Veuillots Wake

PalermoCatacombs.jpg picture by kjk76_94

Palermo Catacombs

CatacombsoftheCapuchinMonks.jpg picture by kjk76_94

DepictingaBodyLyinginState.jpg picture by kjk76_94

Sedlec-CzechRepublic.jpg picture by kjk76_94

NunsOfferingPrayers.jpg picture by kjk76_94


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