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Purity of Devotion

If we do not venture to approach men who are in power, except with humility and reverence, when we wish to ask a favor, how much must we beseech the Lord God of all things with all humility and purity of devotion? And let us be assured that it is not in many words, but in the purity of heart and tears of compunction that we are heard. For this reason prayer ought to be short and pure, unless, perhaps it is lengthened by the inspiration of divine grace. At the community exercises, however, let the prayer always be short, and the sign having been given by the Superior, let all rise together. (Rule of St. Benedict)

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Non Serviam

A papal decree earlier this month said priests should now meet requests by the faithful to hold mass in the traditional Church language, which had widely been dropped after the Second Vatican Council in the 1960s. The cardinal said he loved the Latin language and would have no trouble celebrating Latin mass.

“But I will not do it,” he wrote. (Read Rest) (He is also a Jesuit…cough.cough…supression…oh sorry, just a cough)

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Collegiality: “When you just don’t feel like being obedient”



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Inspiring Beauty

Just wondering…. Has anyone come across a Beautiful painting depicting the new  Mass? You know something like what you see below. (Not the modernistic neo-pagan stick figures seen in post VatII disposable “missalettes”). Notice how Beauty  garners attention, or at least curiosity. Would Oscar Wilde have converted to Catholicism on his Death-bed if the ceremonial of the Catholic Church was less enchanting? You need bait, sometimes it’s the Holy Spirit calling who He wills, or the life and conduct of Christians they come into contact with, and maybe sometimes it’s the Liturgy. The “Meat and Potatoes” catechism comes later. Kind of like when you met your Wife/Girlfriend, when you first saw her you knew nothing about her, but her beauty pulled you in, you find out the rest later, and it can turn into love. Ya need bait to catch fish.



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Le Pardon De Kergoat

You might have noticed the new painting in the masthead. I happen to like it very much, and it will stay up until something else catches my eye. It was painted by Jules Breton (who also painted my usual blog header). The name of the painting is Le Pardon De Kergoat.

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Noise of Many Waters

Thy throne is prepared from of old: thou art from everlasting. The floods have lifted up, O Lord: the floods have lifted up their voice. The floods have lifted up their waves, With the noise of many waters. Wonderful are the surges of the sea: wonderful is the Lord on high. (Psalm 92)

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Eucharistic Congress held in Genova, Italy. Sept 9th 1923

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Gregorian Chant

St. Gregory the Great

Gregorian Chant, which is, consequently the Chant proper to the Roman Church, the only chant she has inherited from the ancient fathers, which she has jealously guarded for centuries in her liturgical codices, which she directly proposes to the faithful as her own, which she prescribes exclusively for some parts of the liturgy, and which the most recent studies have so happily restored to their integrity and purity. On these grounds Gregorian Chant has always been regarded as the supreme model for sacred music, so that it is fully legitimate to lay down the following rule: the more closely a composition for church approaches in its movement, inspiration and savor the Gregorian form, the more sacred and liturgical it becomes; and the more out of harmony it is with that supreme model, the less worthy it is of the temple. (St. Pius X)



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Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called children of God. (Matt 5:9)

Parish Priest breaking up fight between schoolboys.

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