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When I first came back to the Church 6 years ago (via the Traditional Latin Mass) I was astounded by the beautiful, dignified, vestments of a type I had never seen before. I speak of the “Roman” or “Fiddleback”, which seemed to disappeared between VatII, and my earliest memories. At the time I thought that the “Roman” vestments were vastly superior to the dowdy horse-blankets I remembered the priests wearing when I was a kid (and more “trad” to boot!). However, over the years my aesthetic sensibilities have changed, and I have seen that the Gothic style is every bit as dignified, and traditional, as it’s Roman cousin. It’s just that the modern interpretation of the Gothic seems to be purposely ugly in the name “simplicity”. Long story short: Both styles are traditional, and dignified if made with their final use in mind: The Greater Glory of God (Post on different vestments styles at NLM)

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Not Trad ?

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Look Familiar?

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(St. Bede’s Vestment Studio)


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Is New Again!

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